ANBI Registration

You can support the Child Friendship foundation in various ways. The possibilities are further elaborated on this page. It is good to know that the World Child Care Foundation is registered ANBI. ANBI is the quality mark for General Benefit Organizations. This means that you can partially receive donations and donations from the tax authorities. How much you get back depends on how much you donate to charities each year and the amount of your income.

Sponsorship of organizational costs

Of course, the foundation also costs. Think of travel costs for information evenings, promotional material, sponsors’ thanks, administration and accountancy costs. In order to ensure that income from donations, periodic donations and child sponsorship can be spent 100% on the projects, Child Friendship seeks sponsors who want to contribute to the organization costs of the foundation. This can also be done by sponsoring in kind or by removing certain activities.

Donations or structural sponsorship

Material is virtually impossible for us to take with us or to ship to Myanmar. Fortunately, in Myanmar almost everything is for sale for significantly lower prices than in the Netherlands. Thanks to one-off donations or structural sponsorship in the form of money, we can buy the necessary materials on site and do a lot of good work. In addition, we also support the local economy. Of course, we only buy our materials from private companies.

Sponsorship of food, drinks and school stuff

In order to make the living groups of our projects self-supporting in the long term, you can sponsor a child. Of course, the money will benefit the entire group. On the website you can see when another driver or volunteer goes to one of the projects.

Bank account number: NL33RABO0105108952